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One Year off Treatment

Going into scans and the weeks leading up to, are never easy. They will never be. Our breaths become shallower and shallower the closer we get. As we wait for our muppet haired warrior to wake up from her propofol nap, my respirations are as depressed as hers in that moment. This is how we remain until we head up to the 7th floor and wait for our team to arrive with results. Our oncologist is amazing. She gives us the results before she even sits down. I love her. This visit however, she wasn’t there. So I sat there with the Physician Assistant and our nurse and chitchatted. I could not tell you what we talked about because I don’t remember. When you aren’t breathing, the brain doesn’t function properly.

Finally “Her scans look good, she looks great.”

I have never filled my lungs so full.

These are the ups and downs, the ebb and flow, the respirations of life.

Now we look forward to our California adventure thanks to Make a Wish Colorado. We will keep you all updated with pictures of cute kids having the time of their young lives. It will be magical!

Also, Campout for the Cause is right around the corner. If you don’t know about this most awesome event, check out the website This is truly one of our favorite weekends of the year!

With Love, The Welles

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